Dear friends, I thank for interest in Bear "Old Chestnut" :-)

The artist teddy bear sewed from viscose of Italy, completely manually. This teddy bear is stuffed with sawdust and metal granules. The body is stuffed lightly. His paws and the head are mobile because he is Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. Eyes are made of glass. Eyes are different, one is made of matt glass, the second of glossy.

Toning this bear is made patina.

This little Bear of 10.5 cm in height. 

This  teddy bear will become your mascot and Will be able easily to be located in a pocket or a bag Will arrive to the new house in a gift box.

Please, know that it isn't suitable for small children because of fine details and glass eyes. Don't wash or dry them. It can damage a product.

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